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Buy natural, sustainable and chemicalfree products from local sellers across the country.
OUDVIP is proud to be the leading quality company of Agagrwood Vietnam.

+ 100% quality Agagrwood Natural to bring you the best time.
+ Dedicated customer care team, spreading good things to you.
+ Thousands customers have chosen us, how about you ?
All the efforts of the OUD VIP team are aimed at bringing a great experience to you
=> Because you deserve it.

nature Producs

All of Chunks are pure Agarwood Chunks, none of them are pre-treated or soaked with oils.
Stable supply for partner who are interested in Our Wood Chunks

Agarwood chips are thin layers close to the outer layer of the tree. Agarwood chips has a lot of oil and is thinned all the wood that is not contaminated with oil, it will sink in water, often called submerged agarwood.

nature Producs

Agarwood Incense (Oud Incense) Ring is made from the pulp of agarwood trees grown in Vietnam. The ingredients of incense Ring are pure agarwood, free of toxic chemicals or artificial color. The scent can release stress, warm up the room,and fetch good luck.

nature Producs

Agarwood Oil (Oud wood essential oil) is the superious quality best safety and special sent, agarwood oil product made by OUD VIP. Being distilled from pure and natural agarwood , which has been collected after 2 or 3 years from the implantation, without fragrance or toxic chemicals .

what do we produce

Price will follow quality, we also have other grades with lower quality and cheaper price. 

You can return the package if you don’t like, don’t use over 5gr is fine.

Oud Vip is a company, we have full certificates from our government. All agarwood products from oudvip are guaranteed by oudvip company. Global customers and suppliers will be protected from scam. We are confident that you will find we strike a perfect balance between the price and quality we offer.

You can get your order within 3-4 days
Shipping fee for bill over 500$ is FREE
Shipping fee for bill less than 500$ is 59$

DHL, TNT, UPS…I will choose the company which is the best choice for your location.


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